Pittsburgh: Education & Career Choice

Pittsburgh: Education & Career Choice is an interactive visualization exercise that allows viewers to investigate how education attainment level of Pittsburgh neighborhoods might influence median income and residents career choices.

Personal project

Duration: 3 weeks

Tools: Excel, Sketch, Illustrator, InVision, Principle


How might education attainment level of different neighborhoods in Pittsburgh affect residents' median income and career choices?


The Story


Initiate a conversation

Viewers are first greeted by a question that encourages exploration and provides context.


Geographical context

In order to understand the geographical context and ground the story, a viewer first sees a simplified map of Pittsburgh. Each circle represents a neighborhood in Pittsburgh.


Education attainment level

Different shades of gray were used to visualize predominant education attainment levels, which were broken up into three categories: lower than high school, high school, and higher than high school. 

Predominant education attainment level of each Pittsburgh neighborhood is a fixed parameter for the rest to compare against.



Income vs. education

In order for viewers to identify patterns and make comparison easily, forms were changed to indicate the amount of median income, while colors remained the same to retain the information about edu. attainment level. 


Career choice vs. education - overview

Different color icons were used to visualize different professions. By eliminating details inside the color dots at first, a viewer is able to quickly compare the predominant professions of neighborhoods.


Career choice vs. education - zoomed

More detailed information about professional makeup of each neighborhood is available with hover state.



"Compare" function allows a viewer to isolate and make comparison of the two selected neighborhoods.