Suit Me


Create a new service offering for American Eagle Outfitter. This innovation should co-create new value between AEO and its customers.

Project Description

Suit Me is a service that lets customers find the perfect swimsuit at home by enabling customers to try multiple items in different sizes and styles and only pay for what they love.



Morgan Greenleaf, Rocky Wang, Lily Pai, Nikita Agarwal

My Role

Design research, Concept development, Prototyping, Visual Design


6 weeks


Illustrator, Sketch, InVision


Problem Statement


E-commerce has been mastered for many goods but apparel remains difficult with high return rates and low user satisfaction. Swimsuits are a challenge for many online retailers because they are particularly sensitive to fit and style. At AEO, swimsuits are almost exclusively sold online.

How might we innovate the way customers purchase swimsuits online to enhance customer experience and attract new customers for AEO?


Suit Me



Service Blueprint

Service Blueprint



The interface for Suit Me service integrates seamlessly into the current AEO App. Using the service, a customer can select up to 4 styles with addition sizes which would guarantee that the customer can get the one that suits her the best without having to pay upfront.

2019-04-20 02.08.31.gif

Design Process





Future considerations


For future, we want to design another version of Wildlife Adventure that is more appropriate for adults. Several elements that would be different for adults can include: presenting more complex concepts through layering of information about how human activities affect the ecosystems, changing the language to be at a higher reading level.

In addition, user testing is required to determine if
1) the integration between the handheld AR device and the static screen kiosk would work as envisioned
2) writing and audio instructions is engaging and easy for children to consume