Reveal is a parking system that makes the abundance of parking information more manageable for drivers and residents. The system also explores how parking kiosks can be better integrated into residential neighborhoods of Pittsburgh.

Team: Laura Rodriguez, Suzanne Choi, Scott Dombkowski

My Role: Design research, Concept development, Kiosk interface design

Duration: 2 weeks

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Keynote


Concept Video


Define the problem

Concept Video

Parking in Pittsburgh can be challenging. Trying to find a parking spot while driving can be extremely difficult. The signs are hard to spot and require the driver to quickly decipher them.

How can the abundance of information be designed in a way that is more manageable for the driver?


Our design

Parking experience overview


Kiosks for pay parking zone vs. permit parking zone


Lighting function of kiosks

The kiosks also function as light poles at night. The functionality:
1) makes it easy for users to locate a kiosk  2) increases neighborhood safety  3) beautifies neighborhoods

kiosk lighting_Artboard 1.png

Using kiosk to pay for parking

  • Conversational and user-friendly instructions for parking purchase
  • Only relevant parking rules displayed
  • Streamlined process to enter license plate information
  • Refundable unused parking time

Using mobile app to initiate a parking session

  • Parking zone auto detection
  • Option to extend parking session
  • Pay-when-you-leave feature

Using mobile app to find a parking spot prior to departure

  • Find available parking zone near destination
  • Indicate parking availability
  • Provide direction to the selected parking zone


Understanding the context

Stakeholders & influencers


We listed influencers and stakeholders that could potentially be involved in the situation of street parking to get an overview of the problem space we dealt with.  


Identifying problems

Field research & contextual inquiries


We started with field research and contextual inquiries in Pittsburgh neighborhoods at day and night time. Three major problems emerged through research:

Drivers find it...

  1. Hard to determine parking spots availability, especially from afar 
  2. Difficult to decipher parking rules, especially in a moving car
  3. Frustrated by the paying experiences with the poorly designed kiosk interface

Idea Development

Design Criteria


Current user flow - how a user would find a parking spot


Proposed user flow